About Landsdale Motor Wreckers

Landsdale Motor Wreckers is a family-owned business and has been operating for over 20 years. We boast a team of two qualified mechanics with many years’ experience working with all makes and models of cars.

Staff members are friendly and willing to help ensure that you get the auto part you are looking for – Wherever possible our parts are tested prior to removal from the vehicle to ensure only good quality parts are sold to the public.

Used and Damaged Cars Bought for Cash

We are always looking for new stock cars so if you have a vehicle that is damaged, no longer runs or is simply unwanted, then please contact us.

Please Note: Although we pay top dollar for any damaged or used vehicle in Perth that you would like to sell, we pay even more if you have the vehicle delivered to our wrecking yards yourself. Call us on (08) 9302 2466 to find out more. Remember to have the make, model and year of the car you want to sell handy, as this will allow us to give you a competitive quote quickly and in a hassle free manner.

30 Day Used Parts Warranty*

Almost all of our second hand and used vehicle parts come with a 30 day warranty*, unfortunately however electrical parts are NOT covered by this same warranty.

*Terms and conditions apply. The warranty excludes electrical parts, contact us to find out more.

Our Refund Policy

We have a strict refund policy that states the following:

“We will not give a refund on any item sold if the reason for it being returned is that you changed your mind or have found out that you no longer need the item in question.”

We WILL however exchange a part that does not work for a similar or identical part that can perform the same task that the original item was purchased for. If such a part is unavailable then, and only then, will we give a full cash refund.

We are a Licensed Member of the MTA

As a licensed member of the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia, we are dedicated to raising the standard of business and accountability in the used motor vehicle and auto wrecking industry. Our Dealers License Number is: MD27400 and our Repairer’s license number is MRB8033